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Industrial Services
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Middle East and the 20th largest in the world. It has very low taxes, a stable government and a fast-growing internal market.

Development of the Industrial Sector is important, in order to meet the Government’s Strategic and Economic Goals. As such, it provides strong support and incentives to the Industrial Sector including: Infrastructure development, Construction of modern industrial cities in various regions of the Kingdom and Financial support from the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF).

The NSK Industrial Services Centre helps Local Companies, Foreign Companies and Investors to identify Industrial Opportunities, Establish or Expand Profitable Factories, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Centre is part of NSK Consultants, a regional Consulting Firm, headquartered in Riyadh, with an office in Dubai. Visit for more information.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Centre has assisted Businesses and Investors from a wide range of countries, to develop Industrial Projects within many sectors of business.

NSK Industrial Services is in association with Kadasa Law Firm, Lazaz Recruitment Services and Kadasa International Centre for Translation.

Consultation Services Provided Include:

  • Government Consultation Services:
 - Obtaining industrial licenses
 - Obtaining commercial registration
 - Helping to obtain suitable industrial land inside and outside of industrial cities
 - Following up with Government departments on industrial projects  
  • Legal Consultations:
 - Preparing and reviewing commercial agreements
 - Preparing and reviewing technology transfer and off-take agreements
 - Preparing agreements between partners to establish industrial projects
 - Preparing agreements with partners or foreign companies
 - Registration of property rights
 - Legal representation before Ministries and Government departments  
  • Financial Consultations:
 - Arranging soft loans
 - Auditing accounts
 - Coordinating documentation required for disbursements  
  • Preparing Economic Feasibility Studies:
 - Preparing economic feasibility studies for industrial projects
 - Preparing independent technical studies
 - Conducting field surveys for products
 - Preparing marketing studies
  • Recruitment Services:
 - Providing qualified and trained Saudi staff and Saudization plans
 - Providing qualified expatriates  
  • Manufacturing Technology, Know-how, Machinery and Raw Materials:
 - Obtaining technology and know-how from specialized and reputable sources
 - Obtaining offers (quotes) for high-quality machines at competitive prices
 - Bid analysis for machinery and equipment
 - Sourcing competitively-priced raw materials locally and internationally
 - Connecting local and international partners  
  • Marketing Industrial Products:
 - Promoting and coordinating the export of Saudi products
 - Advising international companies on how to buy Saudi products
 - Advising international companies on how to export their products into the Saudi market

+966 11 466 1313
+966 11 464 1686
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