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Business Establishment Process


Pre-Business Establishment

  • The pre-business establishment services are concerned with Advising, Conducting Research, and Evaluating the Feasibility for Conducting Business in, or expanding within, the Kingdom.
  • Services include:
 - How to do business within Saudi Arabia.
 - Familiarizing clients with Saudi culture, laws and people.
 - Studying whether the industry is conducive to the Saudi market and the geographical areas in which a business may thrive.
 - Providing assessments or feasibility studies on business potential.
 - Facilitating the Visa needed to enter the Kingdom and the office space for conducting the pre-business development process.

Business Establishment
  • The business establishment services pertain to those that occur once the Foreign Business or Investor Decides to Invest or Establish a Business in the Kingdom.
 - NSK Consultants provides the full Registration Services.
 - Apply for the Investment License from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA);
 - Submit the required paperwork to the appropriate Ministries;
 - Follow-up to inform that the License has been obtained;
 - Prepare all documents requested by SAGIA and the other Ministries and Government Departments;
 - Translate documents requested by SAGIA, other Ministries and Government Departments;
 - Provide legal advice when needed; and,
 - Help in opening an account at a local bank.
  • While waiting for the full registration process to be complete, NSK Consultants can provide extended advisory and consulting services related to doing business in Saudi Arabia.
 - Extended advisory and consulting services will vary depending on the knowledge needs of the foreign business or investor.
 - Whether knowledge concerning Saudi culture or the business climate within the Kingdom is needed, expertise can be provided.
  • Other related services include:
 - Helping foreign businesses and investors with entry into the Kingdom;
 - Providing office space if needed and facilitating the meetings with existing business and government ministries and officials;
 - Developing the plan for the establishment of the business and/or its expansion into the Kingdom; and,
 - Introduction to potential projects and clients.
  • Finally, partnership is also possible if it is within the purview of NSK. If it is not, then competent local partners can be found.
  Post-Business Establishment
  • NSK Consultants will assist the foreign business and investor with the extended network needed for business development; provide knowledge of the local market and the available opportunities; and, if needed, facilitate the initial business operations.
  • A NSK associate, Lazzaz Development, will help find and ensure the qualifications of Saudis to meet government requirements.
  • NSK Consultants will aid with all the annual renewal licenses and certificates, as well as the financial auditing services required by the government.
  • Kadasah Law Firm will take care of all legal issues related to penetrating and developing business in Saudi Arabia.
  • NSK Consultants will facilitate meetings, as needed, with government officials and ministries and/or projects with businesses and investors inside the Kingdom.
  • Translation, providing interpreters and bookkeeping can be provided.
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