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Business Facilitation
  • NSK Consultants seeks to reduce the burdens on the backs of the new foreign businesses and investors by facilitating the necessary connections, meetings, and/or contracts.
  • NSK Consultants is able to assist with the Visa requirements and provide the needed office space.
  • NSK Consultants is able to aid in development by serving as marketing facilitator.

 - Serving as a marketing facilitator facilitates the entry of foreign businesses and investors into the Saudi market for the purpose of providing a particular service or to assist with an existing or forthcoming project.  - This service is designed to cater to clients who do not seek a long-term or physical presence in the Kingdom.

  • NSK Consultants can assist by facilitating meetings with the appropriate counterparts.

 - The business community within the Kingdom is vast. This vastness is mediated through a web of business and social relations.  - Managing entry into and even developing the appropriate network can be cumbersome.

  • Meetings for visiting business delegations can also be arranged.
+966 11 466 1313
+966 11 464 1686
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